Thunderbird Signature Appearing Grey? Read this …

Do you use the Thunderbird email client? Do you use an email signature?

If you answered yes to both of those, then have a little read on, you may be in need of a little trick to help your email signature appear as you want it to. Not all “greyed out” and wishy washy looking, as one client described it.

Basically, in Thunderbird, underneath the message and signature separator, which is the — you see under your email, Thunderbird by default, changes the opacity of the signature to lighten it to differentiate it from the message. But if like me, and my client recently, you don’t want that. Then there is a simple way to change it.

Open up Thunderbird, go to “Tools”, then “Account Settings” and then in the signature box, paste this code to the bottom or top of the signature:

.moz-txt-sig, .moz-signature {
  opacity: inherit !important;

Make sure you have the “Use HTML” box checked, and then you can save and close it, and your signature will be displayed exactly as you want.

Nice and simple, job done.

For more information, please refer to the mozillaZine knowledge base article here: