LinkedIn Spam Emails

Hello again!!

I thought I’d put together a quick blog post as over the past week or so I’ve had 2 of these false LinkedIn invitations come through into my email inbox.

Now, on both occasions, my anti-spam program has flagged them as ***SPAM*** I felt that the way they looked was, and were formatted was worth doing apost on as they are quite genuine looking, and they are bound to catch a few eager users who want to connect to new people.

So lets take a look and I’ll point out a couple of tell tale signs as to it being false. Below is how it came through to my inbox with my Avast! anti-spam doing it’s job and flagging it as spam (You will also notice the email address the invitation comes from, obviously not a LinkedIn email address):


Next lets have a look at the email itself, as you can see below it looks at first glance quite genuine:

Ok, so the tell tale signs if you haven’t spotted them already. Number One, the link “Go to InBox now.” Inbox is one word and doesn’t require a capital “B” I’d like to think that LinkedIn would get this spelling correct.

The second sign, is that when LinkedIn are sending out invitation emails to users, they know who they’re sending them to, they take the email address and username from a database and as you’ll see from the 4th bottom line in this email, it says “This message was sent to“.

LinkedIn would not do this, they would have your personalised details, and in fact LinkedIn don’t display the email address there, they use your profile’s name, so mine would be “Joe Henstridge”.

So, be careful when checking your emails, the spams are getting better, and you as a user, need to be more aware.